The Scars of Martyrs

Marren Berger resolved to become a neurologist at the age of fourteen – three years after her father’s death from a stroke and six months after a compulsion to cut her arms landed her in the hospital.  Marren swore that she would stop her own downward spiral.  She swore that she would honor her father’s memory.  Now seventeen-year-old Marren is days away from an internship in Paris when Saint Michael appears to her and forbids her from boarding the train.

While fighting to salvage her plans for the future, Marren endures repeated visitations and directives from a formidable angel and a tragic saint.  She is told to help a young man named Nicolas Moreau whose family dysfunction is evident in the bruises on his mother’s arms and in Nicolas’ own violent drawings.

Like historical ‘chosen’ women before her, Marren is told to pray.  She is told to trust.  She is told to obey.

But unlike those other women, Marren is not a believer.  She does not obey.  And it could cost her everything.


10 thoughts on “The Scars of Martyrs

  1. I’m intrigued by your novel, and love the setting you’ve chosen. I lived in France some years ago, and found Le Mont Saint-Michel forever awe-inspiring, whether from a distance or deep within its chasms and corridors (especially when off-season for tourists, needless to say). Such a setting can so enrich a story, and even function like a character, vivid and alive. No doubt Le Mont Saint-Michel has in some way served as inspiration for your story, am I right? How wonderful! Thank you for following my blog, Lauren. I very much look forward to following your progress on your novel and reading more of your posts.

    • Hi Martta. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my novel and on the setting. Yes, indeed, Le Mont Saint-Michel is the reason that this novel came about. I have always been fascinated by the place and thought that a story must live there. I think I found it! I will gladly continue to follow your blog, and thanks for your plans to follow my progress. I appreciate the encouragement!

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