IMG_2484 cropMy name is Lauren Jeffrey, and I am the author of The Scars of Martyrs.  The manuscript is complete, and so begins the process of finding someone who wants to read it!

My day job has little to do with the craft of writing, since I work in the world of finance. One day, though, I realized that the girl who wrote her own installments of The BabySitters Club series still lived somewhere inside.  So I started paying attention to her again.

I’m a Southern girl without a Southern accent.  I’m a wife, a mother, and a wanna-be interior designer, yoga practitioner, chef, seamstress – the list goes on.  Not enough time for it all, I’m afraid.  Thank God I finally made time for writing.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Good morning, Lauren, and thank you for signing up to follow The Write Edge! I’m thrilled that you’ve added it to your reading list and hope you find it a good addition. By the way, I was a big BSC fan too!

    All the best to you on your writing journey; have a fabulous weekend (stay warm!)

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