I ain’t sorry

I didn’t write today.  I didn’t change the sheets on the beds or clean the bathrooms or put away the boxes for Christmas decorations that are still strewn about – not quite in their intended spots.

I did take a break at about four o’clock to have some apple cider and a cookie.  My four-year-old son asked to join me.  We sipped cider in the library, listening to rain, admiring our Christmas tree, a painting that I recently bought, and some birds that played on the trees outside.  We clinked mugs and sang ‘Just the two of us.’  I put my arm around him, and we finished our cider in silence before it was time for me to start dinner and him to play video games with his dad.

I checked off quite a lot on my ‘to do’ list today, but in that quiet moment when I might have pulled out the computer, I didn’t.  And, I ain’t sorry.

May you all enjoy a quiet moment with the ones you love in this most hectic of seasons.