A Wish For 2017

Just about every American with access to social media posted their opinions about our recent election, and I’m here with mine – only a few days late.  🙂  I don’t have an opinion to share so much as an experience. It probably mimics others from Wednesday.

In my office, we all adhere fairly well to the rule of keeping religion and politics out of the conversation. But we failed to remember that on Wednesday, with some people speaking out loudly, and others getting deeply hurt.  Doors were closed as those feeling distraught hunkered down to console one another, and those locked out wondered what the hell had just happened.  They hadn’t realized that their opinions were not shared.

When the doors were finally opened and apologies made, we all came out better for it.  We found colleagues with whom we share new bonds, and we found that although a wide divide still exists in our dreams for America, that divide does not have to extend to our relationships.

As the United States moves forward into 2017, may we all strive to show empathy for those whose opinions differ from our own, and to work toward continuing an America that has always been great.

Ready? Set? Write!

Not much to post about today, but happy Nanowrimo everyone!  Whether you plan to get all 50,000 words written or just 5,000, Nanowrimo is a great time to set goals and get serious.  I don’t expect to have a full novel written by the end of the month, but I do expect to have a good start on it.  Good luck and happy writing, everyone.