Just An Idea

My son’s birthday is coming up soon, and he received a gift that I just might have to steal from him.

It’s an award-winning children’s book called ‘What Do You Do With An Idea’ by Kobi Yamada.  But this gem of a story should not be read by or for children alone.  It must be lifted beyond the messy chaos of the playroom, away from the kids’ bookshelf that overflows with rhymes about dinosaurs (nothing against dinosaurs, mind you), and given pride of place in the adult library.

It is the story of a simple idea, born without intention and determined to follow its young owner who questions what he should do with it and what others will say about it.

Sound familiar?  It does to me, and it likely will for so many of you who battle to keep your ideas alive, to protect them from criticism (especially your own), and to see them through to the point that they blossom and become somehow bigger than yourself.

Buy a copy of this book.  Look at it every day and remember that the end result of your idea is not the goal.  As with everything in life, it is the journey you take with your idea that matters.

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