Who Cares About Talent?

I know a local singer who recently complained about Taylor Swift.  This person lamented, saying, ‘She really doesn’t have a very good voice.’

Well this musician has completely missed the point, hasn’t she?  Who cares about whether or not Taylor Swift has a great voice?  The girl had a lucky streak and made it into the limelight.  She found a style of music that appealed to people, and she worked it all to her advantage.  Good for her.

Finding success has little to do with raw talent.  It has to do with taking the talent you have, knowing your audience and marketing yourself accordingly.

Not as easy as it sounds.

Here’s to all of us who hope to be a little less like the local, lauded prodigy and a little more like the smart-as-hell Taylor Swift.

Talking to Literary Agents

In preparing for a writer’s conference, I have been hunting around online for advice on how to talk to agents and editors. A simple task, I know, but kind of intimidating. You’d think I was preparing to speak to God.

Turns out I’m not alone. Turns out the agents can sense our fear a mile away. It’s not that hard when some poor soul is sobbing on your shoulder seconds after spewing something resembling a pitch.

For all of you preparing to go face to face with an agent or editor, take a minute and read this from agent, Janet Reid. Then read this one from Mary Kole. They’ll give you some perspective, and God knows we can all use a little of that.