Laissez Les Rejection Letters Rouler

Plenty of famous authors were initially cast aside with rejection letters.  Kathryn Stockett – author of The Help – amassed a collection of sixty.   I’m looking forward to joining the club, but I would be satisfied with less. I think that I’d feel sufficiently humbled and disillusioned with twenty letters. Yes. Twenty would be fine.

You hear that, agents? Number twenty-one has to be the charm. I’ll let you know who you are.

If only it were that easy.

I know that rejection letters – along with no response at all from some agents – are part of the process. And that’s okay. In fact, rejection is better than okay. It’s great. Those letters are proof that I’m really doing this. They’re proof that I am not just a hobbyist. They’re proof that somewhere out there an agent has read my work and considered it – even if for a moment.

So far I have received one rejection and one chirping cricket.

I’m on my way.

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