What Shall I Wear Today?

I just read this article on CNN that must have clothing designers aghast, but it had me ready to sign up. I think I’ll go with the gray t-shirt. Every day. And jeans. Sounds great.

The point of the article is a point made and ignored all too often these days. In essence, humanity has let itself become bombarded with information, and thus decisions to make, and we are stressing ourselves out. Unable to stop checking our email, texting our friends, surfing the net, signing up for more activities, taking on more work, multi-tasking to the nth degree – you know the drill. Our little minds are spent. Those who understand this evidently find respite not in yoga and meditation but in their wardrobe. They take one potential stressor out of every day and just wear the same damn thing. Brilliant.

So to all of my blogging friends, this post is just one more reminder to pause and give your minds a rest – whether through your clothing selection or something else. I’m going to apply this to my writing in that I’ll stop checking my email ten times a day to see if I’ve had any responses from agents yet. It’s a futile and disappointing effort, and it sucks my time and focus.  So enough.  They’ll write when they write. And in the meantime I’ll live my life.

I feel better already.

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