Favorite Finds

The process of researching a novel is like a scavenger hunt. You pick up a pebble here and there. You search for ideas and inspiration without knowing what you will find. You fill your proverbial pocket with an arsenal of useful information – things that you’d have never sought out and learned were it not for your writing.

I have gathered a small collection of new favorite books – all found as a result of writing and researching for The Scars of Martyrs. I thought I’d share some of them with you. Here are my favorite ten finds in no particular order:

  1. Mariette in Ecstasy – a novel by Ron Hansen.
  2. Mont St. Michel – a book of photography by Michael Kenna
  3. Mont-Saint-Michel: Immensity – a book of photography by Olivier Meriel with text by Nicolas Simonnet
  4. The Tides of Mont St. Michel – a novel by Roger Vercel
  5. Joan of Arc In Her Own Words – a book containing transcripts from Joan of Arc’s condemnation trials.
  6. Fatima in Lucia’s own words – a memoir from one of the three children (now an adult) who claims to have experienced private revelations from Mary
  7. Moines & Moniales au Mont-Saint-Michel – a small French book detailing in words and photos the lives of the Religious who make Mont Saint Michel home.
  8. A Still Small Voice – a book on private revelations by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel
  9. Our Lady of the Forest – a novel by David Guterson
  10. Hunting and Gathering – a novel by Anna Gavalda

If you’ve ever had an interest in any of the topics covered by these works, I highly recommend them. And if you haven’t had such an interest – pick one out and give it a try anyway. After all, that’s the fun of a scavenger hunt: finding unexpected treasures.

5 thoughts on “Favorite Finds

  1. Hi Lauren, you’ll serve the Muse and your writing both if you enjoy doing research. It’s part of the writing process: even if it’s not the actual ‘writing’ it’s the thinking, weighing, considering where and what to use…. (And, it’s fun.) I wish you happy treasure hunting!

    • Hi Jadi. Thank you for your comment. I think that the notion of researching for a novel can be intimidating, but it is a part of the job. I gained so much on a personal level from learning about my subject matter. Happy treasure hunting to you too!

    • Hi Sarah. It was interesting to read Lucia’s own account of what happened to her and her cousins. I was struck by the depth of the children’s belief and by the frankness of the revelations that were made to very young children. Whatever your beliefs on the subject, these children certainly believed what they saw, and their lives were deeply affected by it.

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