Baby Renamed!

So long Eugene – hello John!

Anyone care to read – or reread – my March post, Renaming My Baby, so that’ll make sense?  Go ahead.  Then come back here, please.

I’ve got a new title!  Woohoo!  And not a moment too soon.  I’d just about reached my limit of brain-wracking when my husband finally got on board the name-change band wagon.  I’d asked him to help, and for a few nights in a row we talked about options.  I threw out new ones, and he trashed every one.  He threw out options, and I trashed his too.  Then one night at dinner he said, “What about The Scars of Martyrs.”

I began with my usual, “Yeah, but…,” poured my second glass of wine, and then a smile spread across my face.  Then it got bigger.  Then I started giggling.  “I kind of like it,” I told him, “but, damn you!”

This new title will require more writing and editing.  So much for my end-of-August deadline to start sending out to agents.

Oh, well, it’s worth it.  I love the title.  Hope you do too.  So, everyone pour a glass of wine (hey, who cares if it’s 8:00 in the morning) and help me toast to getting one step closer!

6 thoughts on “Baby Renamed!

  1. I call my husband my “accidental live-in editor” though at this stage he’s more of a human whiteboard — we’ve brainstormed so many name possibilities for locations, etc. (I write fantasy/sci-fi), and usually his ideas are excellent. It’s a great set up, isn’t it? ^_^ Congratulations and best of luck in your writing and editing!

    • Thank you! It is very helpful to have someone brainstorm with you. I had really hit a wall with my title, so I was so excited that he figured it out! I wrote a fantasy novel 13 years ago, and I remember trying to come up with names for locations. I’d look at things around the house – even the spice rack – for inspiration. Ahhh, the creative process. Thanks for your well wishes. All the best to you too.

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