Go Ahead – Renovate That Kitchen!

Need an excuse to stay home and write? Just tackle a home project!

That worked for me this week when we finally had our nasty, God-knows-how-old, smells-like-a-barn carpet ripped out. Goodbye dust mites, hello sawdust! Did you know that it takes a lot of sanding to prepare hardwood floors for staining?

It’s a good thing, too, because it gave me lots of time for writing. While babysitting the workers I was trapped in the kitchen and dining room – unable to access and clean the bathrooms as I’d planned. So I edited and wrote. For four hours straight! I can’t remember when that ever happened. It was wonderful.

Now I’m daydreaming of having our bedrooms and hallways painted, gutting a boring linen closet and replacing it with an antique armoire, remodeling bathrooms, raising ceilings, ripping out a faux brick wall – the list goes on. And thank goodness too. I have a book to finish!

Now…which vendor should I call next?

Regency Resurrection #4

You have a character who is stumped by a question – let’s assume it’s “What’s for dinner, Joe?” His response is, “I don’t know.” Of course there are other options, and the obvious choices are: “Huh?” “Don’t know.” “Beats me.” Shoulder shrug.

But I’m a fan of something more refined. Something with an air of intrigue to it. Something like, “I’m not privy to that information.”

Oh, fine. Maybe that’s a bit much in response to “What’s for dinner?” But you get the idea.