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So I stumbled across this great new place, and I thought I’d mention it. They have all kinds of books, computers for research, and they segregate the kids from the adults so the place stays really quiet.

It’s called a Library.

For some reason, I seem to have forgotten that they existed until about six months ago when I decided that reading two books a year is not acceptable (I blame the usual suspects – my children, my husband, yard work, laundry, etc.). I also decided that $4 per used book on Amazon was a fortune I wasn’t willing to spend.

What to do? What to do? If only a place existed where people shared books for free. Where joining the club simply involved flashing your driver’s license and where the employees catered to your every reading whim by emailing you when your book arrived and having it waiting for you the moment you entered the building. Ahhhh. The stuff of dreams.

My mother and sister will be ashamed of me when they read this. They’re both Librarians.

Oh, well, I deserve it. But maybe I can help out some poor soul who, like me, has forgotten about the wonderful, magical library. I have good news for you! They still exist. They still have so much to offer. They still have books for free. Happy days are here again!

6 thoughts on “Writing/Reading Resource

  1. Libraries are wonderful, both for writers and readers. I used to live across the street from one, but ever since I moved, the nearest library is sadly now a long journey away.

  2. Bravo Lauren: A much needed post because as you rightly pointed out, they are a gem that most (including us) have forgotten about. Funny enough, we had a book signing a few months ago that welcomed all local artists. When we arrived my daughter & I almost began crying. As unknown Authors, when we arrive at book events we must set up our table, books, picture, chairs and then wait. But everything was set up for us. All the work done. They even made refreshments for the guests. The Librarian greeted us with a big smile and welcomed us. “Inion N. Mathair. We’re so pleased you could make it. Your table is all set up and ready for you. This way.”
    Inion looked at me and said. “So this is what it feels like.” lol 😉 God bless the Librarians & staff that work diligently to help not only the community & children but the local authors as well. Brilliant post, sharing this now. 😉

    • Thanks so much for your compliment and for sharing your story. Here’s to many more days spent at the library and many more book signings that are so welcoming to you and Inion (and me…one day!)

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