Who Is My Audience?

Seems like an easy question. Seems like something that an author would know. Ha! Joke’s on me! And now I’m beating my head against my desk.

I’ve written my book with the intention of it being aimed at adult women. Never mind that the story’s protagonist is a seventeen-year-old girl. That is not the determining factor. But I have felt that the story is missing something – some depth to the main character.  I wonder if in adding it I am shifting the perspective for the reader – something that I didn’t want to do because this is not YA or New A or anything involving the younger set.

But that’s an arbitrary box to stick myself in, isn’t it?

So off I go considering this new bent. It may lead to a dead-end, and darn it that is frustrating to consider. What if I’m chasing too many proverbial rabbits down too many proverbial holes? Is this what the editing process is supposed to be like? No wonder I ran from it with my first novel.

Someone say a prayer, please, so I don’t go insane or, worse, give up all together!

5 thoughts on “Who Is My Audience?

  1. I’m in a somewhat similar situation. My second novel (the one I’m querying now) is aimed at adults, but it has a 15-year-old protagonist. (But there’s also a second protag who’s an adult woman.) I knew this could potentially alienate some readers of my genre who prefer not to read books with teenage protags, but I felt I needed to do it that way for the story.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh man, I feel your pain… I’m sort of at the other end of the spectrum, though. I couldn’t probably stand to give *more* thought to my audience, but it just sounds like it would get in the way of the actual writing process. My thoughts on the matter are to wait until you’re nearing the final-final draft before worrying about classifying it. (But I maaay just think that because I’m lazy, so take that with a grain of salt, lol!)

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