Nine Inch Nails or Beethoven – Which one will you pick?

Movies are an exciting art form, and I would argue that the musical score gets credit for about 90% of the impact. Imagine watching Star Wars without that famous song. Imagine watching Halloween without that creepy piano. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that horror is not my friend, but I have a weird husband who likes to watch horror movies on fast forward (to get to the good parts – the sicko) and, therefore, without volume. Well, I can tell you that chain saws are a lot less scary if you can’t hear them and the shrieking victims. Our sense of hearing is vital in helping us receive the story’s message.

What can this have to do with the written word, you ask?

Well, I once read a novel by Maxime Chattam who suggested that the reader enjoy his novel, The Cairo Diary, while listening to the same soundtrack that influenced him during the creative process. I admit that I didn’t do it, but I might go back and try. There may be something to it. There certainly may be something to it as a writer.

When listening to the radio on my drive home from work, a song will make me think of my novel – of the tension and emotion that I feel in the story and that I want to jump off of the page. So, why not listen to those same songs while writing? Maybe it really would help infuse some energy into the story. It’s worth a try, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Nine Inch Nails or Beethoven – Which one will you pick?

  1. I know a lot of writers love to write with music in the background. A particular type of music helps them get the setting or scene right. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to write with any noise in the background, even beautiful music. Maybe I’ll have to listen to it beforehand, and see if it’s effect lingers. 🙂

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