Fun With Shorts

About ten years ago an author at the Dragon Con Writer’s Track told me that if I can write a novel I shouldn’t bother writing short stories. That advice suited me just fine since I had no interest in the lesser version of writing anyway.

Turns out that the author and I were wrong. Here’s why:

  1. Short stories are fun. For someone used to hammering away at the same narrative for years on end, the process of conceiving and completing a story in a matter of days or weeks is refreshing.
  2. Same thing goes with the process of submissions. By the end of this week I’ll have submitted two short stories for publication, and it’s motivating to have more than one egg in my basket.
  3. To my surprise, a satisfying story line does not have to have length in order to be robust or complete.
  4. Similarly, short stories provide an author with a different set of challenges that are fun to tackle. It is not a lesser version of writing, and shame on me for thinking otherwise.

So for anyone who has never delved beyond their preferred method of writing, I say take a leap. You’re sure to learn something new, and you’re likely to have fun along the way.

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