Lauren The Poet

At the age of thirteen, I was charged by a teacher with the task of writing poetry. I came up with something that expressed my anxieties about the process of growing up. I liked it then, and I like it now. I hope you do too.

 One Soul Divided

One soul divided, grasping hands.  Both confused and afraid as they stand looking down separate roads, not knowing where to go. Each struggling to take the other with her.

One looks behind at the happiness they had – at the love and warmth and security. The other looks forward into the unknown – at the joys and perils that lie ahead.

As the days go by the soul grows apart. The sorrow that she feels tears at her heart. A world of shelter and care slips away – the soul now separate, one going on her way.

Treasured memories are all that she takes with her. Glancing back at the friend and the life left behind, uncertain of her choice, she turns again and faces the long, winding road, taking the first few steps of her journey.

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