Re-Naming My Baby

What happens if you screw up when you name your kid?  Can you change the name a few months or years down the road?  Once you get used to calling him ‘Eugene’ it isn’t easy to switch to ‘John’.  I mean, you know the kid as ‘Eugene’ – even if you can appreciate that it might not have been the best choice.

I knew darn well that the title of my book, ‘Who Is Like God,’ might not be the best.  Some have liked it, but others in the publishing industry have argued that it might turn off would-be agents.  Now I’m all for sticking to my artistic guns, but the last thing I want to do is turn off would-be agents.  So the name has to change.

But to what?

I’ve wracked my brain and searched my prose for some enigmatic phrase.  I’ve reviewed biblical phrases since the book does have an element of religion in it.  I’ve considered the setting and how I could name the novel after Mont St. Michel itself.

Nothing has stuck yet.

So stay tuned for some brilliant new title.  I’m sure I’ll think of something.

3 thoughts on “Re-Naming My Baby

  1. I just talked to one of my co workers about this. His baby’s name was written incorrectly on the birth certificate and it was one letter that was missing. He ended up paying I believe $700 just to fix it through court and whatever else. I’m sitting here scratching my head like, if my kids name was Andrew and I forgot the W. I’d be happy with Andre just so I could save $700. Crazy world we live in.
    I’m glad changing book names cost nothing to do. I understand your pain though. I’ve fiddled with four different titles for my new novel and it gets a little tiresome.

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