Deja vu

Well, there’s no putting it off any longer. I’ve written my book. I’ve had family and friends review it, and I’ve applied their suggestions. I’ve done two revisions of my own. I’m talking basic stuff, you understand – grammar, dropped commas, sentence rewording. The stuff that counts as editing but just barely.

Now I’ve got to really look at the book critically, consider all of the feedback that I’ve received, and then…well, that’s the problem. I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know how to edit a book!   Do I just make the few big changes that I’ve got in mind and call it a day? Do I scour the entire book for any problem that might exist, and if so where to begin? I could tear the whole thing apart if I really got nit-picky, but that seems like a dangerous road to go down.

This feeling is familiar territory for me because I faced it when I wrote my first book ten years ago. And, where does that book sit now? On my computer in its unedited state. I was too overwhelmed by the idea of improving it. It reminds me of my recent blog post, Lose the Clutter, where I suggest that editing should happen along the way. I do think that I improved on that point this time around, but I’m still freaked out.

Well, this book’s not going to sit untouched in my computer for a decade, dammit. I’ve promised myself to make a serious effort with it in January, and hopefully by March or April I’ll be about ready to submit to agents.

Now could someone out there just cross their fingers for me? Even better, if you’ve got advice from your own editing trials and tribulations, please share!

2 thoughts on “Deja vu

  1. If I may, I would suggest you get a professional editor to go over your manuscript. After working on, revising and editing my novel for over a year, I decided to get an unbiased set of eyes to give it a look-see. I used David Burton at:, a friend a fellow blogger. I was surprised and pleased at how much feedback I recieved, and suggestions he made that I had never thought of. And before you commit, he will do a sample edit on a piece of your manuscript to show how he works. A plus is that he doesn’t charge an arm and a leg and your first-born child. I’m now in the process of going through Dave’s thorough edit, and can assure you, the end result will be well worth the money I invested. If you decide to give Dave a try, tell him Kathy sent you. 🙂

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