Foregoing Advice

We’ve all read the articles that never fail to offer the same piece of advice: keep writing. It’s good advice, but it needs a caveat that I rarely see. And that is: don’t forget to live your life.

I have two kids, and I often pick them over writing. I’m still unpacking from our move, and I need to dig out my dishes and search for my linens rather than spend time writing. Sometimes I just want to read for fun. Is that so wrong?

The ‘write before all else’ advice dismisses the possibility that other methods work too. It is advice that had me reeling in a panic that if I couldn’t manage the perfect habits, I couldn’t attain my goals.

Well, to hell with that, and thank God I realized it. I don’t always choose writing first. Yeah, I like the craft. Yeah, I hope to publish my work soon. But writing isn’t the only thing going on in my life, and I’m okay with that.

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