Regency Resurrection #2

Ready to write like Jane Austen again? I’ve got another favorite, and it’s a fun one.

Do you have a character who’s irritable, angry, or is just having a shitty day? Well, rise above the plebs. Be creative. Don’t say that he’s having a shitty day. Instead, tell us that he is ‘in high dudgeon.’

Fun, right?

This is especially useful when your character is a clueless pansy. Think of Mr. Collins, whom Lydia Bennett kicks out of the house with the plea, “Take him away and feed him, for he’s been in high dudgeon all morning.”

And, by the way, if you ever agree to take on someone described as being ‘in high dudgeon,’ then you must be prepared for the consequences. I’m talking to you, Charlotte Lucas. Hats off to you for being practical and all, but gee whiz.

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