Pen Name Schmen Name

I devoted way too much time to my alter ego. You know – the one with the slightly smug author’s photo. Mine lives in Connecticut with her husband and dog and spends her days writing at an antique desk before riding her bike to the local farmer’s market.

I pondered her name and scribbled the options. I scoured lists of authors to see what name combinations had the best flair and why. I envisioned my new name possibilities emblazoned across the covers of books and on movie trailers.

It’s too easy to get sucked in to all of that planning and daydreaming. Is it because we’re writing for the wrong reasons? Is it because we’re postponing the inevitable work that is required to get us to fame in the first place?

No. Not always.

It’s simply a symptom of being human. Our minds veer off on tangents before we realize that the path is somewhere behind us. So, don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t assume that all is lost and that you don’t have the discipline it takes. Just turn around and find the path again.

And, pick a name – any name – then focus again on your story. The rest will come in time.

2 thoughts on “Pen Name Schmen Name

  1. I use a different pen name than my “real” one for two reasons:
    One is to honor my mother and grandmother who instilled in me the love of reading.
    The second is to remain anonymous. Except for my family and a few, select friends, no one who knows me have any idea that I write.

    • How nice that you chose a name to honor your mother and grandmother. I would guess that a lot of authors with pen names select one that has some meaning to them. And I agree with you that anonymity is good to have sometimes!

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