Naming My Baby

I’ve been through it before, having named first a daughter and then a son.  The first was easy – the latter, not so much.  But in both cases the name was chosen months before their arrival and thrown into use with a familiarity that felt contrived.

I’ve been getting to know my novel for the past two years, and somewhere along the way the working title became clear.  Part of me continues to doubt it as I sometimes wonder if my son should have been called Matthew.  In cases such as these, we writers and parents have to forge ahead with faith that our decision was correct.  And if not, well, our progeny will have to suffer the consequences.

Consequences such as teasing, ridicule, and preconceived notions.  It’s that last one that has me stumped, as I’ve chosen to throw The Big Guy into my title.  Is it wise?  Is it marketable?  Does it matter?  Others have gotten away with it.  So, I’ll stick with my gut and go with my name.  Want to know what it is?  Shall I get out my drum?  Here goes:  Who is Like God.

Here’s hoping that it will sound good to someone – an agent, an editor, a reader.  You?

Here’s hoping.

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